Thursday, March 26, 2009

Andy's Sliced Roast Pork

When my childhood friend Andy May comes to town, we head over to Rai Rai Ken, an East Village Ramen Noodle joint. When I say "Ramen Noodle," I'm not just talking about Oodles-of-Noodles. This place serves up the real deal, a hearty soup for the body and soul. But Andy and I have been obsessed with another item on the menu: the sliced roast pork. Andy, a budding chef, has been trying for some time to figure out how it's made. Here's his version:

-- A pork sirloin roast, the back part of the loin, near the hind leg
-- Sesame Oil
-- Dark Soy Sauce

Sear the pork roast. Then roast at low heat (275 degrees) for 4 hours, basting often in its juices. Remove from oven and cut the roast into 1/4 inch slices. Re-sear these slices with a marinade of sesame oil and dark soy sauce*. Then eat it all in one sitting.

*Rai Rai Ken also includes coursely chopped scallions in this marinade.

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