Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick & Dirty Warm Potato Salad à la Auntie

In Auntie's words...

Simple, delicious, sorta healthy and it only takes about ½ an hour to make (it’s not literally dirty btw)

- Unpeeled red potatoes quartered and chopped to desired size and boiled to desired doneness, not very many minutes at all

Mix together while taters are cooking:

- Mayonnaise

- Finely chopped celery

- Chopped fresh chives and parsley

- Capers

- Lots of fresh ground black pepper

- Pinch of salt

- Balsamic reduction [balsamic vinegar simmered and reduced a bit]

- A couple chopped hardboiled eggs might be good in it too

Combine while taters are still warm. Eat warm… eat and eat and eat – really good with an ice-cold glass of unfiltered apple juice. Making this just now was so nostalgic (even though I never made it before). It reminded me of Thanksgiving… must be the smell of the boiling potatoes and the scents of celery, chives and parsley wafting up from my wooden chopping bowl. I couldn’t live without my wooden chopping bowl and its twin curved blade. 

Cheap, fast & deeeeeply satisfying.

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