Monday, June 1, 2009

Curried Chicken Salad à la Auntie

Auntie Bucksnort is a very creative cook and is always working on something new. This is the second chicken salad à la Auntie on this blog; the first is here. In her words...

Chopped chicken breasts

Chopped fresh chives

Grated ginger

Chopped tart apple

Chopped broccoli heart

Red grapes

Chopped walnuts

Golden raisins

Ground coriander

Madras curry powder


Fresh lemon juice and a little finely grated rind

Balsamic reduction [just simmer a little balsamic vinegar, in with the chicken when the chicken is almost done, until it reduces somewhat]


Fresh ground black pepper

Hot sauce to taste (I use a couple squirts of Tuong Ot Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce – the one with the rooster, mainly because it’s the only hot chili I have around – you can get it at Chinese markets. Or just use whatever source of hot chili you’ve got)


Yogurt (plain, a couple tablespoons at most)

Dark brown sugar (a teaspoon at most)

Toast the chopped walnuts in a little evoo [extra virgin olive oil], then spoon out and use same oil to sautee chicken until just cooked… it happens quickly so be vigilant, otherwise it’ll be tough if it goes too long.

Combine everything else and add the chicken once it’s not hot anymore. I like this salad best if I make it the day before and stir it several times to “marry” the flavors.

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