Monday, May 25, 2009

Recipes and the Internet

Here is something I've kind of always known, but never actually spelled out to myself until I read it in an article on Google. If you find yourself wanting to cook something a little different and aren't exactly sure what it might be or what it might be called, just do this:

Google three ingredients that you have on hand to find a recipe using them

This is so simple that it hardly need be said, but it's a handy little rule to have floating around in your head. Here are some searches that I have done lately to find online versions of recipes that I recall having made in the past:

pork "oyster sauce" broccoli

"red cabbage" onion apple

"pea soup" thyme carrots

Of course, any two or three terms will help you find the recipe you remember but can't locate in your recipe books, such as these recent searches I did to find old favorites: 

"strawberry tart" "Julia Child"

"chicken spaghetti" "cream of chicken soup"

Obviously, as you are reading a recipe blog online, you probably already realize all this stuff and I am preaching to the choir. This advice is really meant for Internet novices, such as some of the ladies in my knitting group who don't even have computers. 

That's a conundrum for another day.

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