Sunday, May 10, 2009

Smoked Brisket

The other BBQ recipe card that I found was a little hard to read, but here's the gist:

--1 Beef Brisket (about 9 lbs)
--Dry Rub (here is mom's recipe for Cookie's Dry Rub)
--Basting Sauce (here is mom's recipe for Beer Moppin' Sauce)
--Disposable Aluminum Pan (or other heatproof pan), approximately the same size as your brisket
--Mesquite Wood Chips, soaked in water for a while
--the cleanest Charcoal Briquettes you can find (oxymoronic, I know...)

Cut brisket in half crosswise. Generously apply the dry rub. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate overnight. Bring to room temperature. In the bottom of your grill, place the aluminum pan, filled with about 1 inch of water. On the other side, bank your charcoal and start a hot fire. Place the brisket on the grill, over the pan side, NOT over the direct heat of the coals. Sprinkle some of the water-soaked mesquite chips over the coals and immediately cover the grill. Smoke the meat until very tender (6 to 7 hours), checking every 40 minutes or so to baste the meat with sauce and add more hot coals and mesquite chips.

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