Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Favorite Restaurants

Mom asked me to add some New York restaurants to the "Favorite Restaurants" feature on this blog (along the right-hand side). I went a little overboard, though I can honestly say that about a third to a half of these restaurants are actually my favorites. What can I say? I like food!

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clairz said...

You've been eating out, my lad! I love this list ("food so good I bought the shirt") and the fact that it now ranges all across the country.

We are very excited, food-wise, at the thought of moving nearer to Santa Fe and a new cuisine. And possibilities beyond the catfish and chicken-fried steak of Little Texas. Not that the food here isn't delicious, but it's time to expand our culinary horizons.

We absolutely loved our recent meals in Santa Fe at Harry's Roadhouse and at the Blue Corn Cafe. It's so nice to have a new dining experience--and at a place that isn't just another chain restaurant.