Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hash Browns

This is the kind of breakfast dish you prepare in the years before you start seeing a cardiologist. Hey, maybe this kind of breakfast dish is why I see a cardiologist now, what do you think? Now that I've reached the time of life where I count out the eggs we are allowed to eat each week (maximum of four!), I am willing to make all kinds of deals, meal-wise, to allow myself to continue to live long enough to really enjoy this wonderful retired life.

Ah, well. We used to eat this stuff with our eggs in the mornings. You decide what to do with your own breakfast menu...

To make lovely, crisp hash brown potatoes, scrub several russet potatoes and dry them carefully.

Heat a large griddle and butter it (I'm warning you, I'm pulling out all the stops and telling you the truth here).

When the griddle is good and hot, grate the unpeeled, clean potatoes directly onto its surface. Don't grate the potatoes ahead of time, because they will turn an unlovely pink. You don't want that.

Dab the grated potatoes here and there with more butter (!), and sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper. and a little paprika, if you wish.

Turn the heat to medium. Cook the potatoes slowly, turning over in sections and adding more butter (that's it, I'm done making excuses) as "needed."

When the potatoes are all crispy and brown and well cooked, serve them with eggs, any style. And some homemade bread, lightly toasted. And, what the heck, spread a little more butter on your toast. Just remember the warning above about the cardiologist, and don't eat like this too often.

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